First things first.  We are extremely thrilled to welcome Main Street Wooster and Wayne WoosterSignCounty Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to our client family.  It’s very exciting to be part of the continued growth of such a unique region of Ohio and we’re looking forward to progress forward with them.

Albeit important business, now that it’s out of the way let’s talk a bit about what makes Wooster and its surrounding Wayne County so cool.  Being based in downtown Sandusky and lucky enough to have a wonderful vacation destination to call home, it’s not often that we fly as far south as Wooster for a weekend getaway.  Usually we stick up north during the warmer months and for good reason, the shores of Lake Erie yield a lot of opportunity.  But really, there’s always time for a little weekend diversification and Wooster is the perfect place for just that.  What makes it so perfect?

It has style.  That youthful exuberance that flows so freely in towns harboring college level educators is evident as soon as your set your foot in downtown Wooster.  Bicycles are everywhere, people are sitting outside reading on the beautiful library grounds and generally folks are just active.  With all of this going on around you it’s very hard not to feel Artinfused with newfound energy.

The food.  Whether it’s one of the best steaks you’ve ever had at The City Square Steak House, munching on freshly baked goods at the Broken Rocks Cafe & Bakery or grabbing a quick deli-style sandwich at Spoon Market, the options are seemingly endless.  And it’s not just the food itself that makes this part of Wooster so appealing, it’s the whole feel and atmosphere of these establishments.  With one just as unique as the next, they’re all fantastically original and there’s a different eatery around every corner — Some like the Umami Bites food truck even move around.

It’s culturally enlightening.  Located in the heart of Amish country, this region of Ohio gives one-of-kind experiences that only the rolling hills of Wayne County can provide.  In addition to catching a glimpse of this unique lifestyle amidst a beautiful setting, places like Lehman’s and P. Graham Dunn give you the chance to take some of it home with you.  And with almost a european style feel, the surroundings give you the sense of being a world away without actually having to hop on a plane.

The people.  You get the feeling that things are going well in Wooster.  Friendly faces are Spoonall over the place and in their optimism you can see exactly what makes this city go.  Feeling welcome everywhere you explore, it’s very easy to fall in love this charming place that feels like a blueprint for how a small Ohio town should be built.