It’s a matter of wiring and appreciation.  DNA.  Genetics.  Some of us just look at things differently and quite frankly, people in northern Ohio are proud to be of this particular ilk.  Don’t laugh, we’re serious.  It’s much easier to appreciate all of the subtleties of summer when you don’t have it all the time.  72 and sunny in November is just not right, it’s what vacation is for.  But don’t get us wrong, our friends down in tropical climates aren’t crazy, they’re just wired different.  In fact, anyone from one of the aforementioned regions reading this, we’ll see you for a week in December.

Much like the old saying, “You don’t really appreciate what you have until it’s gone,” warm weather is much easier to appreciate after its been

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If you’ve been paying attention to the media lately, there’s been a lot of attention, albeit mostly negative, to a particular generation of citizens dubbed ‘Millennials.’ These folks, products of their baby boomer parents, are said to have been raised a little too soft. Sporting participation ribbons for last place in the 5k, millennials have always been told everything will just be alright and to have fun. But as it turns out, life’s not always about fun. Especially since the blue collar jobs that were once so prevalent in the United States during the boomer years all but vanished in the form of outsourcing – ironically, because of their parents. However, there is a silver lining is all of this.

Out of the ash that is the job market

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Spread out your coffee intake – While the urge to drink three to four cups of coffee before 10am may be too much for some, managing your caffeine intake and disbursing the black gold has its benefits.  Everyone knows that “2:30” feeling, especially if you’ve recently seen a 5-Hour Energy commercial, but these spikes in productivity when used properly can do wonders for your work. Don’t go directly back to work after lunch – Food coma?  It may sound like a humorous ordeal, but falling asleep at your desk is no laughing matter.  Simple sugars and carbohydrates take extra time to break down within your system, therefore rendering a productive employee useless for the first hour after intake.  Give your body a kickstart by taking a short walk after lunch.  Read More

Green Door Mediaworks is proud to welcome the Lake Erie Heritage Foundation to the client family.  The Lake Erie Heritage Foundation’s mission is to support the maritime history of Lake Erie brought forth and recorded as the Battle of Lake Erie that took place on September 10, 1813.  Through events, seminars and educational materials the foundation works to promote the importance of the lake as a public, historical and cultural resource.

Located in the historical waterfront city of Sandusky, Ohio, Green Door Mediaworks is a craft communications firm offering public relations, social media, video production and design.  The Green Door team prides themselves on creativity and knowledge of the current media landscape ensuring their clients message is always top of mind.

Unless you’re the proud owner of an amphibious automobile, chances are you won’t be floating across Lake Erie on your own accord anytime soon.  Fortunately, there’s an alternative to caulking the doors on your Prius, and it starts with a round trip ticket on the Miller Ferry Boat to South or Middle Bass Island.

Transporting your car to a freshwater island sans road is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you’re over there you’ll find a multitude of things to do, and that’s just the start of your adventure.  When it comes to new, exciting activities, the mainland of the Lake Erie Shores and Islands is no slouch either.

It’s Sedimentary My Dear Watson – Type the words ‘glacial grooves’ into Google and see what comes up.  It’s not

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Everyone knows starting a new job can be an exciting, yet somewhat daunting task. There’s the transition from the old job, the overwhelming bombardment of information and quite frankly the newness of it all. In this case, I’m focusing in on business travel. Particularly, my business travel.

Enter New York City, the greatest city on earth. My first media trip as a Public Relations specialist. Now I’ve been to “The Big Apple” before, or whichever nick name you’d like to use, but it was strictly as a tourist. Gingerly walking around with friends checking out places like 30 Rock, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. Not a care in the world, sashaying around the city not once even coming close to what one would call a saunter. Which to

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Just as Oliver Hazard Perry once uttered 200 years ago, “We have met the enemy and they are ours,” Put-in-Bay, Ohio is yet again called upon to summon it’s American pride.

On the eve of the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial celebration, the quaint village enters a month long skirmish with 14 other towns to see who will earn the moniker of coolest small town in America.  Squaring up against the likes of Glenwood Springs, CO and Greenville, KY, Put-in-Bay is the sole town representing Ohio.

The ultimate relaxation spot, Put-in-Bay offers travelers everything from parasailing and kayaking to cocktails and lobster bisque on waterfront venues.

Dubbed the “Key West of the Midwest,” Put-in-Bay is a freshwater island paradise with a closer to home feel.  Most visitors find it hard

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