From narrowly toppling the frontrunner of Hays, KS in the Sweet 16 to mounting an epic comeback against San Marcos, TX in the Elite 8, Sandusky has been scratching and clawing its way through the first two rounds of the Strongest Towns Contest.  We now face our toughest challenge yet, ousting Hoboken, NJ in the Final Four.

First things first, we all get to take the credit for making it this far, but we’re not done yet.  Coming together to make it to the Final Four not only shows the resilience Sandusky natives all share, but speaks to the character of our great town and the people residing within. 

As evidenced from the nearly impossible comeback against San Marcos (we were down 20% in the voting with

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Green Door Mediaworks is proud to welcome the The Rail to the client family.  The Rail, an inventive burger bar with an unwavering focus on all things Ohio, is the vision of award winning chef turned-restaurateur Mike Mariola.  Specializing in 1/2-lb burgers from a custom grind of 100% Ohio-sourced beef, The Rail offers a selection of traditional and imaginative toppings alongside an impressive array of seasonal Ohio craft beers, Ohio-distilled spirits and old-school hand-dipped milkshakes.  The Rail debuted in Akron back in 2011 and immediately developed a devout local following, creating the need for two more locations in North Olmsted and Canton.  A brand new, fourth location is currently under construction in Strongsville.

Located in the historical waterfront city of Sandusky, Ohio, Green Door Mediaworks is a craft communications firm

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First things first.  We are extremely thrilled to welcome Main Street Wooster and Wayne County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to our client family.  It’s very exciting to be part of the continued growth of such a unique region of Ohio and we’re looking forward to progress forward with them.

Albeit important business, now that it’s out of the way let’s talk a bit about what makes Wooster and its surrounding Wayne County so cool.  Being based in downtown Sandusky and lucky enough to have a wonderful vacation destination to call home, it’s not often that we fly as far south as Wooster for a weekend getaway.  Usually we stick up north during the warmer months and for good reason, the shores of Lake Erie yield a lot of opportunity.  But

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer is having a reader poll/voter contest to see which tourist attraction is the most popular in the state Ohio (vote here).  It’s divided up by region and after day one of voting, Cedar Point, the Lake Erie Islands, Kalahari and the Marblehead Lighthouse comprise the top four.  Impressive right?  All of these fantastic spots are within minutes of us lucky residents of the Lake Erie Shores & Islands and the early voting shows just how lucky we are.

Sometimes it’s easy, speaking candidly, to take a few pot shots at Ohio.  Most notably harping on the weather — “If you don’t like the weather in Ohio, just wait five minutes.”  Or the old “There’s nothing to do here.”  But the truth is, we have it unbelievably

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While it’s true the Green Door Mediaworks office is located in the renaissance minded beautiful town of Sandusky, we’ve recently become major cheerleaders for our waterfront neighbors down the street.  Huron, Ohio is currently in the thick of Budget Travel’s contest dubbed “America’s Coolest Small Town” and in much need of support from Ohioans from all corners of the state to vie for the win.

As the sole town from Ohio representing in the popular travel website’s annual skirmish, a win or even near win has not only the potential to shine a positive light on the north shore of Ohio, but help to continue the rebuilding process of the region and Ohio in general.

The state of Ohio, aided heavily by the rebirth of Cleveland as a midwestern gem,

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Let’s face it, it’s hard to say goodbye to summertime.  Hard to put warm days and long nights behind you, hard to see the sun set further and further to the left.  But truthfully and while some may say this next statement is cliche’ or a flat out fib, we love the change of seasons around here.  Muggy, light-altering nights give way to crisp, mind-clearing mornings.  Leaves change from a sharp green to a brilliant array of reds, yellows and oranges.  Northerly winds begin to regularly batter the shores of Lake Erie, erasing whatever remnants of summer that were left on the banks giving way to a blank canvas of ice that will soon blanket the once tepid water.  That familiar smoke tinged air shows up more regularly around sundown Read More

The longer you stare at a computer screen, the easier it is to get sidetracked and daydream of a tropical island where your only concern is whether or not the straw will reach the bottom of your hollowed out coconut.  It’s for this reason droves of businesses continually probe the annals of productivity research, desperately searching for that golden egg that will up efficiency and keep workers working.  Luckily, we have pets.

Not only is it common practice that pets are allowed in our office, but encouraged.  Certain areas of the office are specifically set up for dogs such as the small set of pet stairs that lead up to a bedding area for the furry little guys. 

As a small craft communications firm employing around eight people, the office

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First off, we apologize for that terrible wine pun, but it had to be done.  Secondly, there’s going to be more so do your best to spot them and for charity, force a laugh.  Honestly, we’re just so juiced up to be talking about one of our favorite times of year that we’re already red in the cheeks.  Okay okay, we’ll do our best to put a cork in it.

Let’s get to the very important stuff right off the bottle.  This year’s Island Wine Festival has some serious legs and will be held on Saturday, October 4, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Put-in-Bay Winery.  Featuring wine representatives from across the U.S. and boasting more than 400 types of wine to sample, it’s almost nearly impossible to

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Look at that, it rhymes.  Okay okay, back to the good stuff.  The weather is starting to get warm and the foliage on Put-in-Bay has finally come out to say hello.  The Miller Ferry has been shuffling locals and visitors across the western basin of Lake Erie and the whiskey light at the Roundhouse has been gleefully glowing for more than a month.  All signs that our most coveted season has started.  But let’s face it, for most the real start to Summer begins Memorial Day Weekend and thankfully, it’s finally here. 

While Memorial Day weekend is always a huge celebration on the island, 2014 brings with it a unique kick off.  Alabama native and country pop singer Walker Hayes is rolling onto the island for Saturday and

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Kelleys Island, Ohio – January 22, 2014 – One of Ohio’s unique small towns has once again been called upon to represent in Budget Travel’s coveted Coolest Small Towns in America contest.

On the heels of Put-in-Bay’s top ten finish last year, the quaint village of Kelleys Island enters a similar month long skirmish with 14 other towns to see who will earn the moniker of coolest small town in America. Squaring up against the likes of Berlin, MD and Deadwood, SD, Kelleys Island is the sole town representing Ohio.

The ultimate relaxation spot, Kelleys Island offers travelers everything from secluded beaches and island exploration to cocktails and perch sandwiches on waterfront venues.

Originally named Island #9, Kelleys Island’s rich history and perfect location make it a freshwater island paradise

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