From narrowly toppling the frontrunner of Hays, KS in the Sweet 16 to mounting an epic comeback against San Marcos, TX in the Elite 8, Sandusky has been scratching and clawing its way through the first two rounds of the Strongest Towns Contest.  We now face our toughest challenge yet, ousting Hoboken, NJ in the Final Four.

First things first, we all get to take the credit for making it this far, but we’re not done yet.  Coming together to make it to the Final Four not only shows the resilience Sandusky natives all share, but speaks to the character of our great town and the people residing within. 

As evidenced from the nearly impossible comeback against San Marcos (we were down 20% in the voting with around six hours to go), we always unite to become better as a community.  Sandusky exudes perseverance and has been doing so for decades.  

Another sad rust belt town they said.  Another midwest town that’s fallen on hard times.  Not us, not Sandusky.  Hurdle after hurdle we’ve cleared and now finally, we’ve started to run as a community.  Running towards the goal we all know we can reach, but just have to work even harder achieve.  

So like we’ve always have done and will continue to do as proud Sandusky residents, let’s take the next step.  Let’s become America’s Strongest Town.  

Help Sandusky, Ohio beat Hoboken, New Jersey in the Final Four by voting here.