Let’s face it, it’s hard to say goodbye to summertime.  Hard to put warm days and long nights behind you, hard to see the sun set further and further to the left.  But truthfully and while some may say this next statement is cliche’ or a flat out fib, we love the change of seasons around here.  Muggy, light-altering nights give way to crisp, mind-clearing mornings.  Leaves change from a sharp green to a brilliant array of reds, yellows and oranges.  Northerly winds begin to regularly batter the shores of Lake Erie, erasing whatever remnants of summer that were left on the banks giving way to a blank canvas of ice that will soon blanket the once tepid water.  That familiar smoke tinged air shows up more regularly around sundown when it’s still, providing a comforting feeling to those who notice that change is upon us.  And it is comforting, because we’ve been here before and we always like what we find.  It’s Ohio.
So our advice to you?  Get outside and enjoy the third season while you still can because before you know it, the clock will have spun all the way back around.