About Green Door Mediaworks

In a world where connectivity is expanding faster than you can press send, evolving is more important than ever.  Sometimes it takes an old-school approach, like a phone call or a knock on a door or utilizing the ever-expanding social media sphere is needed.  Creativity is our priority.

With expertise in the new age of social media channels, Green Door Mediaworks services go well beyond traditional communications and our relationships run deep with top tier editors,  freelance writers and prominent bloggers.  

Ryan Whaley

Ryan Whaley - President and CEO

Ryan is a communications professional with experience that ranges from national media relations and major event production to crisis communications. At Green Door Mediaworks, he focuses on developing and implementing strategic communications plans that encompass national and local media relations, community relations, video production, special events planning, crisis communications and digital PR.

Chad Whaley - Communications Director

Chad is a communications professional who loves to write and edit a wide variety of content from blog posts and storytelling narrative to social media updates and swift photo captions. At Green Door Mediaworks he relentlessly helps to further brands and strengthen market presence.  From travel to lifestyle, Chad consistently builds intriguing, clickable content that portrays the clients’ story from a unique perspective. 

Tom Whaley - Videographer

Tom Whaley has been involved in video production for more than 40 years.  Consistently, evolving as video needs change.  Owner and creative mind behind TW Teleproductions and North Coast Game of the Week.  Tom’s company TW Teleproductions collaborates with Green Door Mediaworks when video and public relations efforts merge.