It’s a matter of wiring and appreciation.  DNA.  Genetics.  Some of us just look at things differently and quite frankly, people in northern Ohio are proud to be of this particular ilk.  Don’t laugh, we’re serious.  It’s much easier to appreciate all of the subtleties of summer when you don’t have it all the time.  72 and sunny in November is just not right, it’s what vacation is for.  But don’t get us wrong, our friends down in tropical climates aren’t crazy, they’re just wired different.  In fact, anyone from one of the aforementioned regions reading this, we’ll see you for a week in December.

Much like the old saying, “You don’t really appreciate what you have until it’s gone,” warm weather is much easier to appreciate after its been taken away for awhile.  And it’s not just that, we’ve actually come to love the cold.  Bundling up to deal with inclement weather is somehow, albeit a bit weird, very satisfying.  Braving the elements and shoveling your driveway is something we’ve come to appreciate.  Okay maybe not, nobody likes shoveling.  Forget about that part. BirdsFall

Then there’s just the beauty of it all.  Brilliant reds set behind blazing oranges and searing yellows amidst a sea green leaves that haven’t quite turned yet.  The fall foliage here rivals any of that in New England or Colorado.  Take a stroll along the shores of Lake Erie and you’ll see exactly what we’re rambling on about.

Simply put, we love it here when the northeast winds start to gale.  We’ll layer up, venture outside and take solace in the changing seasons because it will get warm again and when it does, we’ll be ready.  But for right now, give us your best shot Mother Nature…we can handle it.